• Expanding the pipeline will create billions in revenue for more jobs, roads, schools and hospitals across Canada and will help fund Canada’s transition to greener energy.
  • The Trans Mountain Pipeline has been in place for over 60 years. Every day the expansion is delayed, Canada loses out on $80 million. That’s money that could be used to help improve our communities from coast to coast.


  • Most of the expansion will be along the existing route and beside things like roads, telecommunications and power lines.
  • Only 11% of the pipeline route will be new.


  • Pipelines are the safest, cheapest and greenest way of moving oil to market. 
  • When there isn't enough pipeline capacity, oil from Alberta has to be shipped by more expensive, less efficient and less environmentally-friendly means, such as rail cars or trucks. 
  • The Trans Mountain Pipeline terminal has never had a single spill.
  • Current safety measures ensure Canada’s coastal waters are well protected.
  • New safety measures will raise the level of safety to well above already high global shipping standards.


  • Pipelines are the greenest way to get oil to market.
  • The expansion will generate revenues for programs that move Canada closer to a greener economy.
  • Pipeline expansion will help pay to develop alternative energy sources as well as more sustainable oil and gas industry practices. 


  • Refineries in Alberta, BC and Saskatchewan provide most of the refined products, such as fuel, used in Western Canada.
  • Even when we refine more products at home, we still need pipelines to get to market.

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