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What does the Trans Mountain Pipeline mean for Canada’s economy?

Canada’s economy loses out on an estimated $80 million dollars in economic benefits every day that the expansion is delayed. [0:30]

How will the Trans Mountain Pipeline contribute to Canada’s greener energy future?

The Trans Mountain Pipeline will generate billions in revenue to fund innovation and clean technology, speeding our country’s transition to a greener energy future. [0:30]

How will expanding the Trans Mountain Pipeline make us less reliant on the United States?

By expanding the capacity of Trans Mountain, we gain access to more markets for our oil, and command a higher price for our resource. [0:30]
You can back Canadian resources and not rely solely on U.S. trade
You can attract new markets and reduce emissions
Let's work together
Big delays equal big losses

Big delays equal big losses

Lost revenue counter - big delays equal big losses
The Trans Mountain Pipeline expansion project has been on pause since August 30, 2018. By November 14, losses to the Canadian economy had grown to over $6 billion. [0:35]

First Ministers' Meeting

Alberta’s challenges are national challenges. It’s a message nobody can ignore as the First Ministers’ Meeting gets underway in Montreal.

First Ministers Meeting - MtlMetro
First Ministers Meeting - MtlGazette
First Ministers Meeting - LeDevoir