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Workers and communities

How will expanding the Trans Mountain Pipeline benefit Canadians?

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Since 1953, one of Canada’s most valuable resources has flowed along the Trans Mountain Pipeline. The pipeline helps create jobs, pay for our roads, hospitals and schools, and moves our climate change commitments forward. [0:30]

Why is Canada expanding the Trans Mountain Pipeline?

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The Trans Mountain Pipeline makes us less reliant on the United States. That's one of many crucial reasons the expansion matters. [1:30]

How is the Trans Mountain Pipeline part of Canada’s climate plan?

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A clean environment and a strong economy are both essential to the high standard of living Canadians enjoy. The Trans Mountain pipeline helps secure both. [1:35]

How will expanding the Trans Mountain Pipeline impact the landscape?

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The Trans Mountain expansion has been designed to minimize its impact on the Canadian landscape by adding to existing infrastructure that’s been in place for 65 years. [0:49]

What happens if we don’t ship oil by the Trans Mountain Pipeline?

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Oil can move in several ways: by pipeline, rail or truck. Did you know the Trans Mountain Pipeline is the most efficient and sustainable way to get Canada’s oil to market? [1:01]