Energy products help build our cities and towns

    When Canada sells its energy products, we profit through royalties and taxes. The Trans Mountain Pipeline expansion project will allow us to increase those revenues by exposing our oil resources to additional markets beyond the United States. Pipelines support a healthy energy industry and contribute to the money our governments use to build roads, schools, hospitals and transit systems. Those are important services that make our cities and towns places people want to live, work and play.
    Those revenues also allow our governments to reinvest in renewable energy and develop cleaner technology. The oil and gas sector moves Canada closer to a clean energy future.
    Trans Mountain is not just about building a pipeline. The expansion project will provide tangible benefits that help our communities prosper.
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    Trans Mountain expansion will create jobs for Canadians

    Putting money in Canadians’ pockets grows our economy. When Canadians are able to secure good jobs, they invest that money back into our country’s economy through personal expenses that support their lifestyle. That economic gain adds to our prosperity and benefits our cities and local businesses.
    Natural Resources Canada reports that “in 2016, Canada’s energy sector directly employed more than 270,000 people and indirectly supported over 660,000 jobs.” Within Alberta, over 140,000 people are directly employed in the energy sector.
    The Trans Mountain Pipeline expansion project is important to the broader health of that industry and is already providing job opportunities for pipeline workers, suppliers, contractors and other businesses from across Canada. The expansion project provides job opportunities for Indigenous groups, communities, companies, industry associations and other parties along the pipeline route.
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